Zauberreich (which means "Empire of Magic" in German) began its existence in 1999, when the authors realized that there were few books out there which addressed the juicier details and insider tributes at Disneyland. Most publications, it seemed, simply re-hashed the same material over and over.

Moreover, they noticed that these books were aimed at a broad audience, presumably to maximize sales. The niche market of rabid Disney fans - a constituency becoming less niche and more mainstream every day - was being underserved, and the idea for a richly detailed look at Disneyland was born. It quickly evolved into the trivia format, and over the next few years, Magic Quizdom took shape.

A second book was planned and written at the same time, with a different format, different focus, and different material. This second book, 101 Things You Never Knew About Disneyland, was designed to complement Magic Quizdom, and became available in 2005.

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